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There are many systems for delivering the best treatment of mental health disorders. Elite psychology provides a holistic approach, ensuring involvement of the most appropriate professionals. This includes input from psychiatrists; doctors specialising in mental health.

Psychiatric assessment establishes a diagnosis, which classifies problems by recognised patterns. A clear diagnosis may be indicative of illness, suggesting malfunction of the body, principally the brain in the case of mental disorder. The term biological disorder is often used. However, many mental health problems cannot be easily classified in this way and a ‘multi-factorial’ approach is required, considering not only the contribution of biological factors but also psychological and social factors. This is often referred to as the ‘biopsychosocial’ model, as opposed to the ‘medical model’ that focuses more exclusively on illness.

Because Elite Psychology has a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, including some of the best psychiatrists in London, we are able to combine diagnosis with detailed psychological and social analysis in order to develop a ‘formulation’ and so establish the most appropriate treatment.

Our private affiliated psychiatrists are expert at assessment and diagnosis as well as the integration of the various models and approaches to mental ill health. They are able to offer private prescriptions for psychiatric medication, or recommend medication to GPs, and to offer a number of psychological, family and social approaches. They work closely with the other professionals in our service in understanding the detail of mental health problems and in establishing the most appropriate treatment and who should deliver it.

For the best mental health care in Ealing, turn to Elite Psychology and our psychiatrists in Ealing, West London. Our expert team is committed to enhancing mental well-being through comprehensive, evidence-based solutions. Experience the transformative impact of personalized care designed to illuminate the path toward a healthier, happier life.


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